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Upskill your team with Real Life projects. Create custom assessments and challenges, and keep track of your team's progress.
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Role Definition

Define custom roles

Define roles based on your technologies and skills. Select from our curated list of Skills or stat from scratch.
Choose Skills and Technologies
Define the proficiency level of each skill
Select assessments to test their progress
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Learn > Practice > Assess > Repeat

Integrate Learning and Practice

We support external leaning resources, so you can bring your DataCamp or Udemy subscriptions and just plug them into DataWars
Pick learning Resources from your own providers
Define roles as a combination of Learn, Practice and Asssessments
Select from our wide catalog of Projects and Assessments to complement your learning.
And much more!

Progress tracking, challenges and custom data

DataWars offers so much more for your company.

Keep track of their progress

Keep track of the evolution of your staff based on their assigned role and the completion of assessments.

Create custom challenges

Create group challenges based on existing projects, or create your own.

Upload your custom datasets

Create custom projects uploading your own datasets and picking the tools.

"DataWars provides my students with high quality cutting-edge projects to practice their newly learned data science skills. I am also able to create my own projects with their playgrounds! The platform is a huge time saver, and helps me keep track of my students' progress using their analytics dashboard."

Upper School Computer Science Teacher & Robotics Coach
at Francis W. Parker School, Chicago
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Simple pricing

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Your demo includes a free trial

Communicate with your team

Define your teams roles and keep track of their progress to evaluate potential early issues.

Practical upskilling that just works

Learning by doing is so much more efficient than just watching videos, your team will have a better experience solving real life projects.

Precise analytics and reporting

Gain granular access to all your team's progress, including which projects they finished and what activities they completed.

Yearly Plan

Pricing is calculated per user.
Everything in our free plan plus....
Boosted labs
Custom Role definition
Resumable labs
Teams and team analytics
Saved Storage
API Access
Custom Datasets
LMS Integration
Custom libraries
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